Oh, the struggle!

I’ve heard so many people say that working for your parents would be a holiday. I can guarantee you that unless you’re a spoilt child, it’s harder than being a regular employee. I’m expected to work twice as hard, be there for longer, be yelled at for everything that went wrong and most importantly, I take work back home. So the next time someone tells you that working for your parents is not really work, slap that person across his face and tell him to be courageous enough to start his own business.

Now, I walk a fine line between being just an employee and the boss’s daughter. My biggest struggle is with that conflict of identity. I want the others to feel free around me and not fear me. When they see me I don’t want their first thought to be “Boss’s daughter”. I certainly want to be respected- not for my family alliances but for what I bring to the table. Then there’s also the implicit pressure of being as good as my parents. I’ve heard at least ten times today that I’m a mini version of my father and now if I don’t live up to it, I will permanently be branded as a failure.

Last week I had a situation with a colleague who was slightly rude to me. At that point I felt quite conflicted and I needed to talk to someone and get it off my chest. Unfortunately, I don’t have anybody of my age so naturally I thought of talking to my parents. But the problem is that if I spoke to my dad, he wouldn’t even bother investigating; he would simply start yelling at the said colleague and then everybody would fear me. I can’t afford that. I didn’t even want to tell my mother and put her in a position of conflict. So I brooded over that issue quietly in my mind for a couple of days until I got it out. In my previous company, in such situations, the two parties would sit together, talk it out respectfully and move on. But those folks were highly intelligent and polished people which isn’t really the case in my current industry. Not even close!

This struggle continues and I’m sure it will for a while longer. The journey has just begun after all.

Sunayana Sen


One thought on “Oh, the struggle!

  1. maybe the yawning gap between the kind of people you met and worked with in Fb and the unprofessional ones now is getting to you. I would say these are still teething problems and you will get over. I have also had so many similar experiences working for reuters and later in the indian media space. as far as working for paresnts goes — thats how the cookie crumbles dear 🙂 happy blogging. Good stuff 🙂

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