Story of my first sale

I remember my first ever booking (a.k.a sale) like it happened yesterday. I was nervous as hell and only hoped that my face didn’t show it. Before this job I believed I was not good at sales. I thought I was good at the pre-sales and post-sales activities but not sales itself. Hence, when this pair of groom-to-be and his father-in-law-to-be walked into my office without any prior intimation, I was too stunned to think. My head was clouded with too many thoughts and worries and it felt almost like the Indian parliament was in session in my head. So without any preparation I plunged into my first ever sales conversation.

I was certainly nice but not easy. I knew that this first booking was crucial for who I would become as a saleswoman. If I gave in to the urge of closing the deal at whatever cost, then that would become a toxic habit. If I quoted a price and defended it regardless of whether they could afford it or not, then I would certainly loose business. For a n00b, I was too petrified to think about balancing the two. To add to that I hadn’t even memorized the rates by then! I think it was for 45 minutes that I went back and forth with the pair but finally managed to close it at a rate that was win-win for both. Oh did I mention they were bengalis (Same community as me)? Yup, so that happened too.

When they left I felt such a relief and excitement that I really thought I was going to faint. The final event also went smoothly and the guests were so happy with me that they invited me to the wedding in Kolkata!

Nervousness + adrenaline rush. Such a beautiful but intoxicating combination. It was at that moment when I closed the deal that I realized I was going to be really good at sales.


Sunayana Sen


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