First Priority: Health

For 23 years I’ve known my parents to be workaholics and socialites. I’ve always seen them starting their day at 6 AM and end it….. I don’t even know when their day finishes because I’m always asleep by then. Which is why it comes as a surprise that I would be so particular about my work timings. There was a short period in my career when I pulled all-nighters; I’ve even slept at office a few times. I’ve been told by some people (who are career oriented) that this is the ideal life. Hell no.

Sorry, but I just don’t believe in the approach of work-like-there’s-no-tomorrow-so-you-can-relax-when-you’re-old. Sorry but that’s just BS. The habits that you cultivate in your early career/20s remain constant for the rest of your life. You won’t be able to shed it later which is why it’s crucial to set expectations for yourself and the people around you at this age itself. Going back to my parents, while they’re guilty of the aforementioned approach, they’re clear on their first priority- Health. My father still tells me occasionally, “If you don’t have good health, everything else is a waste”.

Owing to the fact that I’ve entered an unforgiving industry and in a position with immense responsibility, I’ve been dealing with loads of stress and anxiety. As a result I’m experiencing break-outs on my skin, insomnia, constant fatigue and some more effects. Which is why I’ve started taking some measures to work myself into a disciplined schedule focusing on my health. There are five major things I do to stay healthy (Mentally and Physically):

  1. Yoga– I was never a fan of yoga until two months ago but after my first ever session I got addicted to it. I don’t do lengthy yoga sessions; I do just 20-30 minutes’ sessions. I neither have a trainer nor do I go to the gym. I simply follow videos on YouTube. I have a playlist of some really good tutorials and I switch it up everyday. I also do a quick yoga session before sleep on days when I’m stressed to have a deep sleep.
  2. Socialize– While I avoid going out on weekdays I make it a point to go out with friends on Saturday nights (which is when my work week ends). It need not be a huge party, just getting together with friends really helps with getting my mind off work. Come Saturday evening and I feel super energised just at the thought of meeting people.
  3. Write– I like writing which is why I have a journal that I write in occasionally. I don’t really have anybody to talk to about work related issues & not being able to get it out of my system can get really unhealthy. So on days when I’m super stressed or upset, I write it down in my journal, get it out of my system and move on. This was actually how this blog even started.
  4. Chores– This may sound crazy but yeah, doing chores is actually a stress-relieving activity for me. I have a whole weekly system of washing and cleaning. And I don’t even live on my own! Doing chores (or maybe it’s the routine nature) somehow really calms my mind and relax and also involves a little bit of good physical activity .
  5. Pinterest This may sound even crazier! I don’t know what it is about Pinterest but it’s a part of my routine now. Before going to bed I HAVE to browse through Pinterest otherwise I get very restless. There’s something so soothing as well as energising about it. I love Pinterest!

So these are some of the most important and constant aspects of my routine which I swear by and would recommend to everybody living a high-stress lifestyle. Like I said earlier, don’t take your 20’s lifestyle for granted. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes a part of you and finally, it becomes you. And you will not be able to shed it when you’re 40 years old. So live smart.

Sunayana Sen


4 thoughts on “First Priority: Health

  1. Rumi ! keep em coming and please let know whenever you post new ones as i can be very forgetful… I love the freshness in your writings a lot. btw cooking is a very big stress buster. It has always helped me a lot, specially on weekends 🙂

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