3 mistakes until 3 AM. Expletives galore.

My clock is at 2:22 AM at the moment. Why am I awake you ask, especially for someone who goes to bed by 9:30 PM? Because I am so stressed that my brain can’t process what to do. And also maybe because I had coffee four hours ago. You see, today was an important day for me as a service provider and I made mistakes. One of my more considerate supervisors told me not to be too hard on myself because I’m just a few months old in this industry and I’m bound to make mistakes. I agree but I’m astounded by the lessons I learn because of these mistakes. As a change to my general monotone, I thought of illustrating these points with memes & stick figure images 🙂

Mistake #1– Customers can never be fully trusted. Harsh but well they see us the same way so it’s a tit-for-tat. Recently I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt to a certain customer which everyone else on my team was against, but I believed that they were trustworthy and deserve this benefit. Boy was I wrong. They had the audacity to tell me that they didn’t have the cash to pay right now so they would do it first thing the next morning. After some deliberation I agreed and said that in-lieu of our immense trust that you will pay tomorrow, we will hold on to your credit card. Like a guarantor/guarantee asset you give to a bank. Sounds fair right? Apparently not. They will pay tomorrow but will not leave any sort of guarantee with us. Yeah and we were born yesterday. Asshole.

Mistake #2– Once the above mentioned plan looks like it’s failing for them, I have to quietly listen to the customer bring up baseless issues and try to poke holes in our service just so they can get out of paying. While I’m like this in front of them -> 

, in my mind I’m all like ->

  None of this bullshit that you’re feeding me is correct. I can see the fuck through you man. But since ‘customer is king’ is a mantra that I unfortunately have to stick to, I will silently listen to your pathetic little excuses and appear as if I agree with you and am apologetic about it. Except, you’re an asshole that I have to put up with because by some unknown divine reason I felt I was born to be in this industry. And also because I don’t own this place, I don’t have the freedom to decide if you’re worth being rude to. When I have my own company, the second I smell bullshit, I will burn that BS and use it as natural gas to cook unhealthy food for the rest of the irrational people like you. 

Mistake #3- Stressing about these glitches all the damn time. Right now I’m awake at this godawful hour because I’m stressed out about the first two aforementioned mistakes.


This makes me wonder how my parents did this for 25+ years. At least all I have to stress about is work, but my parents had to stress about work, kids, elderly parents, investments and what not. Yet they sleep. In fact my father sleeps such a deep sleep that I can hear his snoring from his room to mine. Oh how jealous I am right now. I wonder what I should do to get to that point where these issues are only momentary and it’s locked away in some non-intrusive corner of my mind forever. I really wish I wouldn’t stress about these fleeting issues and had the power to do what I wanted but no I don’t. At least not yet.

I wish was like this ->


But finally I’m like this ->

End of my rant. And I’m still unable to sleep.

Good Morning peeps!


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