Guest Posts!

With each passing day I see more and more youngsters taking on the #BusinessChallenge and I can’t feel any more proud to have so many of these people in my social circle. It gives me a certain sense of accomplishment that’s totally irrational. It’s no new discovery that knowledge is all around us; we just need to know what to do with it. And I can’t emphasize enough just how much I have learnt from these extraordinary individuals who I dare to one day share the status of being an ‘entrepreneur’ with. Which is why I realized that I am doing an injustice to my readers by not sharing their exciting stories with you.

So from next month onwards I am starting a guest blog series called ‘Tomador de Riesgos’. Yes I know it’s a mouthful but I love Espanol! As a part of this series, we will see blog posts periodically from different individuals who want to share their experience as an entrepreneur. We will try to make these posts as different as possible so that you get a well-rounded idea of entrepreneurship. Most of these guests are my friends but I’d be happy to get in touch with others who you think have wonderful experiences to share. Email me their contact details at

At this point the posts are going to be free-flow. However, I have asked the guests to pick a theme/subject from their experience and write on that. Maybe in the future there could be a structure or Q&A or something more exciting. So keep giving feedback and we can improve!



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