The Foundation: Early Days

Born as a girl to an Indian Air Force Officer and a bank Officer in Delhi, but was raised like a boy in my beloved city – Hyderabad. I was brought up in a very hard working and career oriented family where I was taught to be independent from a very young age. I was exposed to business as a baby since my Father quit the IAF and joined his best friend in business. (They have a Real Estate company which also has a Hospitality wing.) I was barely three years old when I was first put on stage to perform and ever since, I have performed on stage every year- participating in either dance (Kathak) or drama. Apart from performing arts, I was also encouraged to take up sports. I was put in various sports classes and I finally took to Cricket which I played at state level for three years. As it happens, I realized at a fairly young age(14 years to be exact)  that I wanted to be a businesswoman and sports was just an extra-curricular activity.

The Nourishment: University Days

I was in college when I realized that I wanted to start my own hotel and since then it has been stuck in my head and heart. I studied in a local college called St. Francis Degree College for Women and earned a Bachelors in Management Studies (BMS) with a major in Marketing and a minor in HR. College was a wonderful time for me where I feel a major part of me was moulded. I was lucky enough to have some excellent professors who were kind enough to go out of their way to give me a world-class education. During college I also got the opportunity to study abroad for a summer exchange program which still features in my top 5 life experiences so far. It was through college placements that I got my first marketing job in a glorious company called Facebook.

The Marathon: Career

Facebook was the best way to start my career. Hands down. I would never trade that decision for anything. I learned a lot about myself- personal self as well as professional. I also met some insanely smart people who I feel lucky to know. I was with Facebook for about three years and then decided to make a very hard decision of quitting Facebook to move into the Hotel Industry. Since my ambition is to build my own chain of hotels, I thought it was time that I started learning the ways of a hotel, build a reputation in the industry and start working on the capital investment. So I quit Facebook and joined Celebrity Hospitality Services where I work under my Parents. Yes, it’s my father’s and his friend’s company and my mother is a senior manager there. I’m the Marketing & Sales Manager here and have a team of two. So I basically went from individual contributor to manager with reportees in less than a month and you know what, I am now completely sure that I was born to be a businesswoman in this industry.


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